Tanac’s product focused on animal nutrition was one of the highlights of Granja do Futuro, at the Brazil South Poultry Symposium, in Chapecó (SC)

Tanac’s Tanfeed line, focused on animal nutrition, was presented at the 23rd Brazil South Poultry Symposium, held in April, at the Culture and Events Center Plínio Arlindo de Nes, in Chapecó (SC). Promoted by Nucleovet, the event is considered the largest and most important in the poultry sector in Latin America and brought together more than 1,800 people both online and in person.

Tanac was one of the six exhibitors of Granja do Futuro – an annex space that worked concomitantly with the symposium and that simulated a farm, with the main equipment necessary for the production of broiler chickens, highlighting technology and innovation.

At its stand, designed to welcome customers and business leaders from the market, Tanac presented the results and the most recent scientific discoveries regarding the effectiveness of Tanfeed.  Developed from extracts of the bark of the Black Wattle tree, it is a 100% natural flavoring, which can be used to enhance the aroma to stimulate the food consumption of the diet of swine, poultry, cattle (dairy and beef), sheep, fish and shrimp, bringing numerous benefits to animal health.

Postado por Amanda Rodrigues