Sustainable solutions that provid softness, better touch and quality to leather treatment

We make sustainable products for tanning leather, based on plant extracts from the Black Wattle tree, which are used throughout production: pre-tanning, tanning and re-tanning, to go into a wide range of applications in the automotive, upholstery, footwear and clothing industries, among others.

We have a manufacturing unit that follows strict Quality and Environmental Management systems, certified by ISO 9001 and 14001, ensuring products with high quality standards.

All TANAC’s products originate from the company’s Forestry Unit, where we use responsible forest management, which means we can guarantee the origin of our raw materials.

We are world leaders in this market. We export to over 60 countries, on every continent.

New Green-Line

Alternative combining high-performance, sustainability and innovation

In addition to maintaining all the technical and sustainable characteristics already recognized internationally, the Green-Line line expands the diversity of applications to complete special characteristics to leather, adding value and sustainability to the final product. The improvement and development of new technologies give differentials to this line such as greater softness, better texture, dispersion and better exhaustion of products in the process.

Each tannin has unique properties, which result in leather goods with unique characteristics, which can make all the difference in the production of the artifacts to be produced.

  • green-RT: Perfect balance between filling and dispersion for its tanning and retanning
  • green-ST: Your extract for light leathers
  • green-LM: Softness and filling in one product
  • green-BE: Your vegetable tanning starts more smoothly

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Perfect balance between filling and dispersion for your tanning and retanning. Firm and smooth grain, fine pores, excellent flexibility, provides lighter leathers.


Its extract for light leathers. Maximizes shine. Greater homogeneity of dyes. Suitable for floathers, nappa and soft leathers in general.


Softness and filling in one product. Firm and smooth flower. Lower COD at the end of shining. Increased physical resistance.


Its more adjusted vegetable tanning start. Helps penetration of other tanners. Less crispness. Indicated in all vegetable tanning, such as heavily vegetalized tanning.


CLAROTAN is a bleached Mimosa extroct with light colour. lt is characteristics of softness allied to a good filling property results in nicely leathers.


CLAROTAN X-8 is a highly bleached Mimosa extract with a very light colour. lt is mainly indicated for lightweight leathers and skins production


SUPERTAN is a natural Mimosa extract with medium light colour. lt presents a very good filling property.


WEIBULL is a natural Mimosa extract. Due to the excellent filling properties. lt is recommended for general usage ln vegetable tanning and retanning of chrome leather.


WEIBULL BLACK is a pure natural Mimosa extract. it is high tannin content prometes an outstanding filling.


WEIBULL EXTRA LIGHT is a Mimosa extract providing light colour results in leathers with a pleasant ivory shade of uniform quality.


WEIBULL LAB is a modified Mimosa extract with high filling propertíes. lt is structurol modíficotion results in on excellent fullness.


WEIBULL ROY is an acid and astringent vegetable extract. lt is ideal for full vegetable tanning processes, giving good weight yield and fibres compaction. Fullness, tight and fine graín are obtained when used in the retannage of chrome Leothers.


SYNTAC DC is a naphtalene based syntan double condensation, wich due to its low astringency, has a high dispersing and penetration power.

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