Water treatment

Water treatment

A Modern and Sustainable Alternative

for Water Treatment, acting as a Coagulant / Flocculant agent of Vegetable Origin.

We make sustainable products, based on plant extracts from the Black Wattle tree, which have been developed to treat the water supply and industrial effluent. The TANFLOC product line is for use in the petrochemical, ceramic, food, mining, refining, metallurgy and paper industries, among others.

Our manufacturing unit operates to high standards of quality and production, which follow strict Quality and Environmental Management systems. Our products have various certifications: NBR 15784, NSF, as well as having a Halal certification, to meet the requirements of Muslim consumers, and Kosher, to meet Jewish requirements.

All TANAC’s products originate from the company’s Forestry Unit, where we use responsible forest management. This means that we can guarantee the origin of our raw materials.

The TANFLOC line is a well-regarded line of products of renewable origin in Europe and North America.

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