Animal Nutrition


A High Performing Product for Animal Nutrition that is more sustainable and has various other benefits.

Increasingly, meat consumers are looking for products that reflect the concept of ‘one health’. They want food produced by companies that have respect for animal welfare, that use natural products as an alternative to antibiotics, and which look after nature. Producers appreciate this and are encouraging their suppliers to have more sustainable production. TANAC can help meet the expectations within the food industry, by providing the TANFEED product line, a flavored food additive for animals, which reflects all aspects of one health. As part of production, 6.10 tons of CO2 is captured for every 1 ton of CO2 produced, through our forests and ecologically-friendly manufacturing.

Production animals that have a perfectly balanced digestive system make better use of their food and have a better immune response, which results in healthier animals and more efficient meat production. It is therefore fundamentally important that they have the best balanced gut microbiota.

Information on TANFEED: It is a natural extract from the bark of the Black Wattle tree, which contains at least 70% condensed tannins, which are polyphenols. It is a flavoring that enhances the aroma and stimulates food consumption. It is soluble in water, phytogenic and totally natural. It can be added to each stage of the diet of pigs, chickens, cattle (milk and beef), sheep, fish and shrimp.

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