CO2 emissions are one of the main environmental concerns in the world and brings challenges, mainly, to the climate. The theme is part of TANAC’s ESG Agenda, reinforcing its commitment to contribute to the construction of a low-carbon society.

Recently, the inventory of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions was carried out. With the base year 2020, the result is aligned with the Company’s ESG Agenda: for every 1 tCO2e emitted, we sequester 6.03 tCO2e, that is, TANAC removes much more CO2e from the atmosphere than it emits in the entire operation.

TANAC’s own reforestation activities and forest business developments are valuable assets for society, for current and future generations, helping positively in topics such as climate changes, water conservation and pollination.

With this result, TANAC reinforces the leading role when it comes to sustainability, contributing effectively to the construction of a low carbon society and in a positive way in the climate. TANAC is proud of the result and reiterates its commitment to society and the environment.

TANAC is ESG in its veins!

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