Tanac joins the Earth Hour...

Tanac joins the Earth Hour...

19 of March of 2015

The Earth Hour 2015 will be held on Saturday, March 28, from 8.30p.m. to 09.30p.m., in your local time zone.

Organized Worldwide by WWF, the Earth Hour is a symbolic act which brings people together to protect the planet, gathers communities all around the world who celebrate a commitment to the planet, turning lights off for a whole predetermined hour.

Tanac, inspired to propose environmental solutions through its actions, conducting its activities in a responsible manner, minimizing impacts to the environment, promoting the socioeconomic development of the communities and of the surrounding regions in where it operates, joins the Earth Hour to incentive and inspire its employees, clients, suppliers, service providers and society to share its commitment with the planet with friends, colleagues, leaders and networks and show the world that it is also taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

The Earth Hour asks everyone to take personal responsibility for its impact over the planet and cause behavioral changes to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle.

The Earth Hour only asks people to turn off the non-essential lights for one hour – not lights which affect public safety.

Proposing solutions and creating products requires a great dose of responsibility with the environment and with the future which we wish to create opportunities to mankind. We need to change our future to make it more sustainable. And we cannot ignore the critical environmental changes we are facing today. To change this way, we need you. We need all of us. 

Join us and millions of other people for the Earth Hour, using also your power, demonstrate your support turning off the lights for a period of sixty minutes and let us walk together along the path chosen by TANAC heading to a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

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