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Proposing solutions and creating products demands a high dose of responsibility towards the environment and the future we would like leave to future generations.

Conducting activities in a responsible manner, minimising environmental impact, promoting social and economic development in the communities and regions where it operates;

Producing without exhausting natural resources. Preserving natural biodiversity and eco-systems in forestry management areas;

Providing qualification as well as personal and professional enhancement to its workforce;

Production cost rationalization, reinventing paths to avoid interfering with the course of Nature;

Stringently controlling gas emission into the atmosphere, keeping a positive carbon footprint and sticking to the zero discharge practice for extract production process water;

This is the route chosen by TANAC towards a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.


A company does not exist isolated: it involves employees, suppliers, customers, finally, the whole community. Respect for people and nature, the quality of life observed in around us, is that identifies a company concerned with the evolution and growth of the regions in which it operates.

The company helps charities in the communities in which has operations. The transfer of resources to entities such as APAE – Escola Nossa Senhora Medianeira, Sociedade Beneficente Espiritualista, Hospital Montenegro, among others, is held monthly.

Since 2006, the team of volunteers from Caritas receives in Montenegro, blankets, baskets with food and candies to be distributed to needy families on special occasions, like Christmas, and also during the winter..

In Rio Grande, to participate Needy Children's Christmas, TANAC since the founding of the woodchips unit are donated more than 3,500 baskets of candies for the event, which is held annually in December.

Many cities of Rio Grande do Sul were hit by heavy rains and gales in recent years. The TANAC was present because of the demands of municipalities and also on its own initiative, donating food and building materials to displaced populations.

A donation made to various entities at Christmas, for TANAC employees, has become a habit. Employees team up to make a merrier Christmas for needy children in Montenegro. In São Lourenço do Sul, Piratini and Encruzilhada do Sul, students from APAEs are benefited with Christmas baskets each year.

TANAC participates in a project of corporal therapies performed at Hospital Montenegro, which benefits the patients of Psychiatric Unit that institution. Weekly, a physical education professional gives workshops stretching, relaxation and physical activity with patients. During the setup project unit of psychiatric treatment and chemical dependency, the company donated several items to make the wards that accommodate the patients.

Environmental Education Projects are developed in the various regions where the company operates. In Montenegro, every year, the 'Hug Nature Project' embraces hundreds of students when they visit the Tannin Unit to realise how strongly TANAC focuses on producing while preserving the environment where they live.

At the Forestry Unit, an ecological trail on Camboatá Farm, in Piratini, encourages students to preserve nature and keep in mind that both fauna and flora are protected through constant monitoring of the forests managed by TANAC. In Rio Grande, lectures at schools located in neighbourhoods near the Wood Chip Unit help students reinvent their reality by turning them pro-active when it comes to environmental preservation.

In this way, anticipating the social demands of the community, that TANAC becomes an active part in the development of the municipalities within its area of action and thus of the state of Rio Grande do Sul as a whole.

This is the route chosen by TANAC