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Proposing solutions and creating products demands a high dose of responsibility towards the environment and the future we would like leave to future generations.

This is how TANAC has been part of history for over six decades: seeking balance between natural resources and the preservation of the environment we live in by using raw materials from renewable sources, that is, black wattle reforestation areas.

Having started as a small tannin factory in 1948, the company has grown, widened its horizons and become world leader in the production of vegetable tanning extracts and black wattle wood chips.


Building a successful path from an initial idea conceived by entrepreneurial individuals has been a daily challenge for the company's over one thousand employees and associates. The environmental and quality certifications obtained by this team committed to excellence in everything it does together with their sustainable actions have placed TANAC in a leading position in the market segments where it operates.

Promoting productive process sustainability is a basic principle ever present in each of the company's units. Economic and social growth of the communities where it operates both directly and indirectly is a feature that TANAC has carried since its foundation. TANAC has found the way to build the future by rationally using environmental resources, seeking balance and reducing impact on nature.

Here we build the future. The best future.